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January - February 2001 The Sabbath Sentinel

New BSA Director . . .

John Paul Howell Joins the Board

by John Paul Howell

A Christian for several years, and a Sabbath-keeper for the last 6 years, John Paul Howell is also an Electrical Engineer, specializing in telecommunications and computer networks.

John Paul always had questions regarding the validity of the Fourth Commandment while growing up in a Sunday-keeping church. It wasn't until several years ago, while teaching some youth at a week long "Backyard Bible Club," that the reality of the Fourth Commandment struck home.

After teaching the children what sin is, a child asked, "Isn't the Sabbath Saturday? Why do we go to church on Sunday?" From that point on, John Paul decided to learn and understand how the Sabbath was changed from Saturday to Sunday. Since proving to himself the validity of the Seventh-day Sabbath, John Paul started observing and honoring the true Sabbath of God.

Throughout John Paul's walk with Christ, he has readily volunteered for numerous speaking and teaching positions such as Sunday/Sabbath School classes for children and adults. Currently, he is the leader of the weekly employee Bible study group at his company.

John Paul has also been serving the Bible Sabbath Association (BSA) for the past two years as the keeper of the BSA website. He recently began a complete revamp of the site resulting in easier navigation and quicker downloading. You are seeing the result of his ongoing work on this website.

In addition to these service roles, John Paul regularly accepts song leader assignments at either his local church or other Sabbath group meetings as the need presents itself.

John Paul lives in Baltimore, Maryland with his wife of 11 years. He and his wife have a 6 year old boy and a 4 year old girl.

John Paul replaces Craig White who resigned the Board position in favor of coordinating the BSA's Australian efforts. We hope that everyone will welcome John Paul aboard, and make an effort to see the great work he is doing on the BSA webpage.


January - February 2001 The Sabbath Sentinel