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January - February 2001 The Sabbath Sentinel

Crusade 2000: Christ for the Crisis

Report by Gilford T. Monrose

For the first time ever, the New York area Churches of God 7th Day, came together and held a spiritually explosive tent meeting crusade. The crusade ran for two dynamic weeks in Brooklyn, from August 13-27 under the big red and white tent at Prospect Place and Nostrand Avenue. About 10 churches came together in support of Crusade 2000: "Christ For The Crisis" which was sponsored by the Mt. Zion Church of God 7th Day located 203 East 37 Street, Brooklyn, NY.

Francis DeCaille, host pastor said, "Crusade 2000 did achieved its purpose of propagating the gospel in Brooklyn."

"The way the churches came together and worked as a team for this crusade, is indicative that God has raised up the church to preach His message before His return," said Evangelist Lennox Abrigo, Washington, D.C., the main speaker for Crusade 2000. This was truly a sign that God is raising up the Church of God in New York for His purpose.

Some of Evangelist Lennox Abrigo"s sermon titles were, "Why Are the Innocent Dying In Brooklyn," "New York's Last Government" and "Big Bang- Big Money: Big Lie!"

A ladies special sermon was preached on how to attract and keep a good man. Another speaker was Evangelist Hector from St. Lucia, West Indies. Wayne Moore, Brooklyn, NY, pastor of Faith Church of God 7th Day, was the moderator. David Taylor, Bronx, NY, pastor of Harvestime Church of God 7th Day was host of "Holy Fun Time." He was the most generous minister of all. He gave gifts for special reasons to our visitors every night. At the end of each presentation, he would always say, "The greatest gift of all is the man Christ Jesus."

Leil Tickili, Brooklyn, NY, Pastor of Church of God 7th Day (Pentecostal) and president of the Joint Church of God Conference, interceded for those who came off the streets with special requests. Other ministers who came to lend their support, John Millwood, St. Albans, NY, pastor of Church of God of the Apostolic Faith, Chris Pasard, Stamford, CT, Pastor of Deliverance Center Church of God, and Stamford Lewis, Brooklyn, NY pastor of Brooklyn Community Church of God.

"The coming together of the various churches proved one more time, the power of the spirit of cooperation in what God can do," said Elder DeCaille.

Crusade 2000 attracted visitors and brethren from far and wide. Our members came from as far as the Virgin Islands to join us. Present also were brethren from Jamaica and other parts of the Caribbean. We even had a visitor from as far as Holland. "The attendance indicated to us that God truly is a miracle working God," said Elder DeCaille. "During the nightly meetings, the attendance was about 200. However, Sabbath August 27 'Super Sabbath,' attendance peaked to around 500. There was not enough space for chairs and under the big tent." This is a confirmation that the churches of God can and must unite for the cause of Christ.

During Crusade 2000, not only did the church provide for the spiritual needs of the people but also tended to the physical need of the community. With the help of Ebenezer Covenant Ministry (ECM), headed by Trevor Goldbourne of Long Island, NY and in conjunction with the Kings County Hospital, many physical services were provided. People came and received free blood pressure and cholesterol tests, counseling and had access to referral programs for drug and alcohol addictions.

ECM also provided food and clothing distribution for the poor and needy. In a recent survey in this Brooklyn area, it was noted that the majority of the residents favored a community minded church with a holistic view.

An Act of God

Miracles and inspiring testimony was given. The most profound act of God during the crusade happened on the evening of August 16th. Evangelist Frankie Slowe, of Church of God 7th Day (Pentecostal), one of our Bible workers, was diligently giving out tracts in the vicinity of the tent, inviting passersby to the tent meetings. There was one young man passing by who was stopped by the evangelist and invited to come in. He took him up on the offer saying that he needed prayer because he had just bought a gun and was on his way to kill himself, his girlfriend and another young man whom he thinks is involved with his girlfriend.

Evangelist Slowe searched him to see if he had a gun, and indeed he did. He took the gun and brought him straight to altar for prayer-which was offered by Elder Benjamin. Interestingly, earlier that evening, Elder Benjamin did pray that someone would turn in his or her gun that night.

Paul Benjamin, Pastor of Gates of Glory Church of God, Brooklyn, NY, formerly a minister in a Sunday church for 35 years, gave his testimony on how God lead him to the Sabbath. His church doors are now closed on Sundays but are open for worship each and every Sabbath.

This testimony touched many hearts on Super Sabbath. Crusade 2000 was successful because souls were saved and blessed.


January - February 2001 The Sabbath Sentinel