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July - August 2000 The Sabbath Sentinel


The Sabbath Sentinel is published bimonthly by The Bible Sabbath Association, 802 N.W. 21st Ave. Battleground, WA 98604. Copyright @copy; 1999, by The Bible Sabbath Association. Printed in the U.S.A. All rights reserved. Reproduction in any form without written permission is prohibited. Nonprofit bulk rate postage paid at Gillette, WY 82718.

Editor: Royce Mitchell, rmitchel@flash.net
Associate Editor: June Narber Harrison
BSA's Board of Directors for 1999-2002:
President: Dr. Sidney Davis
Vice Presidents: Ken Westby, Tom Justus,
Calvin Burrell
Treasurer: Brian Burrell, burrell@fairview-ok.net
Secretary: Rich Nickles, biblesabbath@comcast.net
Recording Secretary: June Narber Harrison
Directors At Large: Craig White, Mike Galimore,
John Conrod, Darrell Estep

Subscriptions:  Call (888) 687-5191 or (360) 687-1541, or write to: The Bible Sabbath Association, 802 N.W. 21st Ave. Battleground, WA 98604, or contact us at the office nearest you (see international addresses below). The Sabbath Sentinel is sent free of charge to all who request it. Your subscription is provided by the voluntary contributions of the membership of The Bible Sabbath Association.

Donations, are gratefully accepted and are tax-deductible in the United States. Those who choose to voluntarily support this international work to promote the Sabbath and proclaim the gospel of the kingdom of God are welcomed as contributors.

Annual Membership Contributions: Regular Membership $25; Family Membership $30; All memberships include an annual subscription to The Sabbath Sentinel. Make all checks, drafts, and money orders payable to The Bible Sabbath Association (VISA and MasterCard accepted).

The Bible Sabbath Association is dedicated to promote the seventh day Sabbath. As a non-sectarian association for Sabbath-observing Christians, BSA accepts members who acknowledge Jesus Christ (Yahshua the Messiah) as their Savior, believe the Bible to be the Word of Eternal, and uphold the seventh day Sabbath. BSA takes no official position on other theological issues, and publishes The Sabbath Sentinel as a forum to promote understanding and share items of interest to Sabbath observing groups and individuals.

Opinions expressed in The Sabbath Sentinel are those of the writers and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of the Editorial Staff or of The Bible Sabbath Association.

BSA Worldwide Web Site: www.biblesabbath.org

Correspondence and Manuscript submissions: Address all inquires to: Royce Mitchell, Jr., c/o: The Sabbath Sentinel, 802 N.W. 21st Ave. Battleground, WA 98604. Phone: (360) 687-1541, e-mail: <biblesabbath@comcast.net>

International addresses:
Australia: Bible Sabbath Associates
Jim & Lyn Carnochan
7 Sunnyridge Road
Arcadia NSW 2159
e-mail: <ora@talman.com.au>

Address changes: POSTMASTER -- send change of address to The Sabbath Sentinel, 3116 Alberta Drive, Gillette, WY 82718, USA.


July - August 2000 The Sabbath Sentinel