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July - August 2000 The Sabbath Sentinel

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Letters to the Editor


We are writing to express our appreciation for the excellent article "Sunday Roots" written by Dr. Sidney Davis in the May-June Sabbath Sentinel. It is one of the best articles we have read showing clearly the weaknesses in the "New Covenant Theology". It is something very much needed in the churches at this time and we are very thankful for Mr. Davis' efforts and also for his willingness to include mention of the feast days. We are former Worldwide Church of God members.

John and Betty Campauline, Zeeland, Michigan

Greetings from England! I received an issue of TSS -- Thanks! I'm all for promoting cooperation between Sabbath observers. Enclosed (are) a couple of our articles. You are welcome to publish, if suitable, in TSS. Dr. Davis may find the "Repentance" title of interest in view of his comments about the Law.

James McBride

Thanks for your articles and they certainly do contain information that would be of interest to other Sabbath keeping brethren. With your kind permission, we will hold them for future publication. --- Royce

Greetings B.S.A.! I still think our new Editor of the Paper is doing a great job. The Articles are interesting and informative. We are not going to be physically able to attend the Passover and Feast of Unleavened Bread at Kingdom City again this year. We will just observe it here at home -- the two of us.

Eugene & Violet (no last name given)

Thanks for your support. However, I am certain that it is not the efforts of your editor that are making the magazine one that you enjoy. Many hands are making the load a light one. We do pray that all Sabbath keepers can find understanding with what is printed in TSS, as well as patience to deal with our brothers who believe slightly differently. --- Royce

I've just recently been introduced to The Sabbath Sentinel through Richard Nickels, after a long line of contacts I've made with various Sabbath keeping groups and individuals across the country. It amazes me sometimes that there are so many of our brethren in the body of Christ Jesus who still divide themselves due to doctrinal issues. Yet, that shows me all the more that Satan has his focus set on the remnant of Israel. However, I am grateful to the efforts of you and your staff to provide a forum in which we can openly express ideas and opinions, as long as our views are directed towards encouraging the Church of God, and edification. Had I known the truth of God's plan and purpose for His people, I probably would not have found myself in prison. But, I accept the trials along with the many blessings. I know for a fact that Christ has not forsaken His called out ones. The Sabbath is the sign of His love. Paul refers to the Christian life as a fight and a race and Jesus Himself admonishes us to endure until the end ...being closer than some may even now think possible. Once again, I am thankful for the Sentinel and welcome correspondence from all who see the urgent need and great task ahead in attempting to grow in grace and in one accord. Shalom.

Ron Ilczhyn, # 133161
17601 Mound Rd. Corr. Fac.
Detroit, Michigan 48212

Thanks for your encouraging words and we pray for your personal situation as well. --- Royce

May I suggest that BSA through the Sentinel again print the names, addresses and even phone numbers of its officers and directors. This would allow us to be a more open and responsive organization.

Bro. Joe McGuire

The TSS prints the names of all officers and an address to contact them on its inside cover. --- Royce

TSS is a great magazine, and presuming the TSS occasionally gets in the hands of unbelievers, at least I hope and pray that it does, and since we do believe in the Creator of the Seventh Day, may a suggestion be made that one article about salvation be included? However short it may need be. There is nothing wrong with trying to raise our own, so to speak, while we cooperate with each other, and attempt to persuade non-Sabbath keepers of the truth.

Milton Quinn

I receive The Sabbath Sentinel and do enjoy the Sabbath content, but the doctrines that are published views of different organizations should always have inserted after it, views not of Sabbath Assn., that is if the article is of doctrine not in agreement with Sabbath keeping organizations ....I think only what all agree on should be published Christ, Salvation and His true day of Sabbath rest ....We should keep it that way I think. Don't you? We need to break down prejudices among all Christians.

Pastor McConn

I hope that the editorial from the May-June issue answered these concerns that you have mentioned to us. On the inside cover, you will find the disclaimer printed that the views printed are not necessarily those of the Bible Sabbath Association. But, your letter struck a chord with me for another reason.

On one hand you suggest that we publish only the three things that you underlined, and I underlined above. But, those are things upon which we can all agree. While you tell us to do this, you go on to say that we need to break down prejudices among all Christians. As you know, prejudice often is the result of ignorance.

By publishing articles from members of various Sabbath keeping groups, we are trying to accomplish one of the main goals of the BSA, to promote cooperation among Sabbatarians. In order to cooperate, we need to understand why our brethren feel the way that they do. We need to understand why certain beliefs carry the importance that they do. In order to do that, we have to publish them. And, we must publish them in a way that is complementary to those brethren, that accurately reflects that belief. By doing so, we really will begin to break down the prejudices. Nobody here says anyone has to accept any belief printed here. But, we pray that all will be motivated to tolerance of our brothers who believe a little differently. --- Royce


July - August 2000 The Sabbath Sentinel