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July - August 2000 The Sabbath Sentinel

"Assorted Flavors" Home At Last

by Mary Bierman

Several years ago a gentleman was looking for someone to take over Assorted Flavors of Sabbatarians. After much consideration I was honored with carrying on the list. He had Mary's Treasures to look at for my resume in the application.

Over these last few years a list that he started has grown even more. Hundreds upon hundreds of hours has been put into it to keep the 7th day community in touch. Miscellaneous links were added such as resources, research materials, Sabbatarian Sisters, music, home school, prayer list, and other odds and ends links. Not counting the school links or odds and ends it was a total of over 1050 links. We upgraded our hard drive a couple of times, and added memory as well.

We have had thousands of visitors over the years. All this time I was learning how to make web pages, my son thought I was Cyber Space Lucy. He would shake his head and say he didn't know how it worked but it did! The link was always attached to my other URL with my personal webpages.

Now Assorted Flavors has a new home all of its own with its own simple address. I moved it so many times due to advertisements on banners, not being able to pay for them to not show up, or for more space. Many likely gave up trying to keep up with Assorted Flavors.

Now it has a home where you can book mark it, know it will stay, the Father willing, and set your links on your webpage to reflect this new URL.

It even has a new look, new lay out and shorter link pages so it will load a bit faster.

I invite you to come by for a visit, and please sign the Guestbook. A long lost friend of yours may just find your email address there! If you have a group, be sure to leave the web page for it, a bit about it and the location so it can be added to Assorted Flavors. In that way, others can read about your group with a longer explanation than I can provide.

The web address for Assorted Flavors is:

We at The Sabbath Sentinel and at the Bible Sabbath Association thank Mary Bierman for her tireless work in keeping the brethren abreast of developments within the Sabbatarian community.


July - August 2000 The Sabbath Sentinel