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September - October 1999 The Sabbath Sentinel

LLT Productions

by Pat Arrabito

LLT Productions is a producer/distributor of Christian video tapes, audio tapes and printed materials. This nonprofit organization began in the home of artist/illustrator/photographer James Arrabito. Taking the gospel commission personally, Jim began giving Bible studies, using slides. Over the course of 13 years, he traveled the world, taking pictures and collecting evidence from 38 countries. Valuable resources from the libraries and cathedrals of Europe and America provided fascinating insights into the origins of false religious movements and confirmed the fulfillment of Bible prophecy. Jim was invited to share his visual presentations, showing how movements of history and current events relate to Bible prophecy. Many of these presentations were produced on videotapes under such titles as 666 and the Mark, The Inroads of Spiritualism, Young Folks History of the Sabbath, History of the Jesuits, Legacy of Halloween , and many others.

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In September of 1990, returning from a photography trip in Alaska, Jim and two of his sons tragically lost their lives when the private plane in which they were passengers went down in a storm. His wife Pat and the LLT staff continued to make his tapes available, and have produced and distributed additional materials from the archives of Christian history, using the video and photography Jim had collected. These include The Israel of the Alps, a video about the Waldensian Christians of northern Italy (available in English, Spanish and German); Maniilaq the Eskimo Prophet, the story of a nineteenth-century Inupiat native who came to know the Creator God through a voice from heaven; a series of audio tapes on the Christian experience and end-time events by retired pastor Lawrence M. Nelson, and various books associated with Sabbath history and the Sabbath/Sunday controversy. A catalog is available by request.

At the time of his death, Jim was in the process of researching and collecting visuals for a professional documentary on the history of the Sabbath. This production would trace the Sabbath from creation week through the centuries and around the world. It would show that the Sabbath, in the midst of apostasy and rebellion, has always been preserved, a memorial of the Creator God. With broad and careful documentation, expert testimony, art work, special effects and location photography, it would portray the story of the Sabbath in its beauty and meaning, answering questions that arise about its veracity, and detailing inspiring stories and historical issues associated with the Bible Sabbath.

Without Jim, this venture could have seemed a human impossibility. But the same God who inspired the dream is well able to accomplish it. And although its completion may have been delayed, it is now in production. The Seventh Day: Revelations from the Lost Pages of History, has developed into a 5-part series, prepared for commercial television in 12 major languages. It will be distributed internationally. The first part will be released by the end of 1999.

Since 1996 LLT has offered a web site chock full of fascinating information about the Sabbath. It also features the catalog, the latest additions, transcripts, sound bytes, and - coming soon - online video! Great links and helpful resources are available to give guidance for commonly-asked questions.

As Christianity rises in America and gains greater authority in the world, when religious unity is on almost every tongue, can we expect a return to God's holy Sabbath day? A revival of apostolic fervor? Perhaps. We at LLT hope to contribute to true spiritual unity, a unity based on the Word of God and His holy law. We hope to let the light of God's saving power, symbolized by the seventh day Sabbath, shine out in this dark world.

About our Name: LLT comes from the Latin words Lux Lucet in Tenebris, and translates from John 1:5 as "The Light Shines in Darkness." These words formed the motto of the Waldensian Christians of northern Italy, and were used on their logo which also featured a Bible and a candlestick.

We are very grateful at TSS and The Bible Sabbath Association to be able to offer tapes, and other interesting media about the Sabbath and Sabbatarians, produced by LLT.


September - October 1999 The Sabbath Sentinel