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The Bible Sabbath Association provides a wide range of material supporting the seventh day Sabbath. The Sabbath Sentinel magazine has been published for over 50 years, and provides information about Sabbath-keepers, and articles of interest to Sabbatarians. 

Tracts for distribution and local evangelism include: "Roman Catholic and Protestant Confessions about Sunday," "Bible Sabbath, Seventh Day or First Day?", "Why the Seventh-day Sabbath?", "The Rest of the Sabbath," "Whatever Happened to the Sabbath?", "Bible Truth about 'Salvation by Grace Through Faith'," by Frank M. Walker, "Has Time Been Lost?" "The Sabbath on Trial" by Daniel Botkin, and "Words of Jesus regarding the Sabbath," by Keith Siddens. Booklets include "God's Sabbath for Mankind," 42pp., by Richard A. Wiedenheft, and "History of the Sabbath and Sunday," by John Kiesz, 64pp. 

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