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The Bible Sabbath Association provides a wide range of material supporting the seventh day Sabbath. The Sabbath Sentinel magazine has been published for over 50 years, and provides information about Sabbath-keepers, and articles of interest to Sabbatarians.

Tracts for distribution and local evangelism include: "Roman Catholic and Protestant Confessions about Sunday," "Bible Sabbath, Seventh Day or First Day?", "Why the Seventh-day Sabbath?", "The Rest of the Sabbath," "Whatever Happened to the Sabbath?", "Bible Truth about 'Salvation by Grace Through Faith'," by Frank M. Walker, "Has Time Been Lost?" "The Sabbath on Trial" by Daniel Botkin, and "Words of Jesus regarding the Sabbath," by Keith Siddens. Booklets include "God's Sabbath for Mankind," 42pp., by Richard A. Wiedenheft, and "History of the Sabbath and Sunday," by John Kiesz, 64pp.

"Why Do You Observe Sunday?" a 16-page Sabbath promotional booklet, has led thousands to observe the Sabbath. An audio cassette of this booklet, narrated by Darrell Jones, has three, fifteen-minute segments, suitable for radio broadcasts, with space for your group's announcement.

The Directory of Sabbath-observing Groups, updated numerous times, is the flagship of The Bible Sabbath Association. Some 300 or more groups are listed, with addresses, distinctive doctrines, and literature.

The Dugger-Porter Debate features a no holds barred ca. 1930s classic debate between Andrew N. Dugger, Church of God (Seventh Day) leader, and Curtis Porter, a Church of Christ minister, regarding the Bible evidence for Sabbath versus Sunday. 128 pp., photocopy.

While some former Sabbath-keepers contend that Sabbath-keeping assemblies of today have a short lineage, we promote several scholarly, yet very readable, books which demonstrate the extensive history of Sabbath keepers throughout the world for two thousand years:

History of the Sabbath by James N. Andrews, 1887 edition, is one of the most important books ever written on the Sabbath. Every Sabbath-keeper should have a copy of this extensive 548-page reference book. Andrews traces the Biblical and secular history of the seventh day Sabbath, and the origin of first-day observance. (Book is hard to get, not always in print.)

The Israel of the Alps is a stirring 3-part, 85 minute video, documenting the history of the Waldenses, who for over a thousand years, through intense sufferings, clung to the Word of God. Many early Waldenses were Sabbath-keepers. This beautiful video was filmed on location in the scenic Alps.

History of the Waldenses, 206 pages, by J.A. Wylie, describes in detail the conflicts and martyrdoms of "valley dwellers" who maintained their Bible faith for hundreds of years.

The Celtic Church in Britain, by Leslie Hardinge, is a well-documented 265-page book, which shows that Christians in the British Isles almost exclusively kept the seventh day Sabbath for six hundred years after the Messiah. They kept the Sabbath from sundown to sundown, were known to be Quartodecimans (kept annual Passover on fourteenth day of the Hebrew month), eschewed unclean meats, and were not trinitarians. St. Patrick of Ireland was not a Catholic, but a Sabbath-keeper who stressed keeping the Lew of God. This book is a real eye opener.

Truth Triumphant. The Church in the Wilderness, by B.G. Wilkinson, 424 pages, shows the spread of the Sabbath-keeping New Testament Church around the world, concentrating on the 1260 year period from A.D. 538-1798. From the Sabbath-keeping heroes Lucian, Vigilantius, Patrick, Columba, Papas, Dinooth, Aidan, Columbanus, Peter de Bruys, Timothy of Bagdad, and many more, you will be confronted with documented evidence of a long history of Sabbath observance in many countries such as Ireland, Scotland, Wales, England, the Waldensian Alps, Spain, Syria, Persia, India, China, Japan, and the Philippines. This excellent book is a monument, an inspiration for all Sabbath-keepers.

Facts of Faith, 320-pages, by Christian Edwardson is an extensive list of quotations from original sources covering aspects of Sabbath-keeping history not generally known.

History of the Jesuits is a 2-hour video by Seventh-day Adventist James Arrabito. When you study the Jesuits, you will see why they are termed, "enemies of the Sabbath."

A Woman Rides the Beast: The Roman Catholic Church and the Last Days, by Dave Hunt, 552 pages, and the accompanying 58-minute video, describes Catholic activities of recent times and the last days.

Rome's Challenge: Why Do Protestants Keep Sunday? would make an excellent gift to a Protestant who may be interested in the Sabbath. This 30-page pamphlet reproduces a series of articles published in the September 2-23, 1893, Catholic Mirror, official organ of Cardinal Gibbons, which challenged Protestants why they keep Sunday, when the Bible commands Sabbath (Saturday) observance. Protestants are not consistent when they claim their faith is grounded in "the Bible only," yet by keeping Sunday, they are recognizing the tradition and authority of the Roman Catholic Church.

The Change of the Sabbath, by George I. Butler, over 196 pages, is a reprint of the 1904 original edition.

From Sabbath to Sunday, by Dr. Samuele Bacchiocchi, traces the origin of Sunday-keeping to the Church of Rome, as the result of an interplay of political, anti-Jewish, social, and pagan influences. This 372-page book is a classic!

Divine Rest for Human Restlessnes is, in our opinion, the best book written by Dr. Bacchiocchi. It is a 319-page theological study of the Good News of the Sabbath for today. Enjoy the Sabbath with this book.

In The Sabbath in the New Testament, 296 pages, Dr. Bacchiocchi explores in depth the New Testament evidence (including Paul) in favor of Sabbath-keeping, answers many questions, and gives Italian Sabbath recipes.

The Sabbath: its Meaning for Modern Man, by the Jewish scholar, Abraham Joshua Heschel, 118 pages, is perhaps the premier work on the philosophy of the Sabbath. Not a book to speed read, each sentence is weighty, and worthy of prayerful meditation. Although written from a Jewish perspective, Sabbath-keeping Christians can well relate to Heschel's brilliant exploration of the spiritual meaning of the Sabbath. Most of the religions of the world have "holy places," and "sacred temples." The religion of the Bible, however, sanctifies holy time. In the Bible, no thing, no place on earth, is holy by itself. The Creator places His divine presence, not in a physical place, but in a place in time, where He communes with His people on His Holy Sabbath, a "palace in time."

Spiritual Sabbathism, by Seventh Day Baptist scholar Abram H. Lewis, 88-page reprint of 1910 classic, is a study in the philosophy of the Sabbath. It is the crowning book of the most prolific writer on the Sabbath of the nineteenth century. Includes photo and biography of A.H. Lewis.

A customized, computer-generated Sunset Table, for any location on the earth gives sunsets and sunrises for every day of the year. Table uses "military time," i.e. 19:27 is 7:27 P.M. Except for minor, 1-2 minute differences, table is accurate for any year.

Your children will enjoy Sabbath at Sommerhase, by Lettie Siddens, 113 pages, a Sabbath-oriented series of short study lessons, with activity packet. Stories Worth Re-Reading 319 pages, contains 72 heart touching stories, almost a hundred years old, but still interesting to children.

Audio Cassette Tapes of Friends of the Sabbath Seminars present Sabbath-keepers from various persuasions, on a wide-variety of topics. We have scores of interesting tapes. Write for a free listing.

History of the Church of God 7th Day by Robert Coulter, is a series of three audio tapes giving an overview of the history of the Church of God 7th Day. Sabbatarians of all persuasions will find this history very interesting.

In conjunction with Giving & Sharing, the BSA provides Spanish and Spanish/English Bibles, and Spanish Sabbath articles. Write for our Spanish Order Blank, Hoja Pedido Español.

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