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BSA Board of Directors

Marsha Basner

Marsha Basner is a Registered Dietitian, has a Masterís Degree in Food and Nutrition and a private practice. She is affiliated with the Seventh Day Baptist Church in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

Marsha is a moderator of the Sabbath-In-Africa Internet forum and a research fellow with the Sabbath- In- Africa Project at Oakwood College Huntsville, Alabama, researching the ancient Sabbath keeping traditions of the African continent where there have been recent discoveries of African Jews, Sabbath- keeping Christians and various Sabbath-keeping tribes. This project was founded by Dr. Charles E. Bradford, author of Sabbath Roots.

Marsha assists in organizing the annual ĒProclaiming the Sabbath More FullyĒ Sabbath Conferences. She is co-moderator of the SDA Feast Class Internet Forum.

Marsha has authored articles and is a passionate witness and evangelist for the Sabbath. She is actively involved in Biblical research and Bible studies, and she distributes Sabbath tracts locally, nationally and on the Internet. Marsha currently serves on the Board of Directors of BSA.

Bryan Burrell

Bryan Burrell is a life member of the Bible Sabbath Association, and a member of the Board of Directors. He is currently serving BSA as Treasurer.

He and his wife Sue live in Fairview, Oklahoma where they own a farm equipment business. They have been married 50 years and have two sons, Mark and his wife Lisa, and Paul. With Sue as his office assistant, they volunteer their time in the BSA Fairview office and BSA ďarchivesĒ. Bryan was raised in a Sabbath-keeping home as were his parents and grandparents. He is a member of the Church of God (Seventh Day) and active in the local Fairview Church.

Through years of working with the BSA, he and Sue have attended with several Sabbath keeping churches. Bryan graduated from Oklahoma State University. He is a licensed insurance and securities agent and specializes in assisting clients with financial planning. For 20 years Bryan has been a certified mediator for the Oklahoma Alternative Dispute Resolution System, volunteering as a mediator for businesses, individuals, families and churches.

Calvin Burrell

Calvin Burrell was born and raised on a Fairview, Oklahoma farm owned and operated by his parents, Lawrence and Lottie Burrell. When he was about twelve years old, his parents began their 40 years of service as Secretary-Treasurer of the Bible Sabbath Association. Soon the whole Burrell family became conversant with and supportive of, to one degree or another, the mission, and the daily work of the BSA.

After graduation from college, Calvin became a schoolteacher (math, history, Bible) and eventually a pastor and teacher with the Church of God (Seventh Day). He served at Spring Vale Academy in Owosso, Michigan, for nine years, where he met and married his wife Barbara. They have served congregations in Arkansas, Oklahoma, Colorado and Texas. Now married 41 years with three children and eight grandchildren, they reside in Denver, CO, where he edits the Churchís Bible Advocate magazine and directs its Ministries Training System. Calvin remains a lifetime member of the Bible Sabbath Association that he learned to love as a youth, and has served on its Board of Directors for about twenty years.

Rico Cortes

Rico Cortes is a Sephardic Jew and a believer in Yeshua as the Messiah. He has a ministry in which he travels to Europe, Latin America, Canada and the U.S. teaching the Hebrew Roots of his Faith.

Rico was born in Puerto Rico and raised in the U.S. He speaks Spanish and English and is learning Hebrew. He previously was a minor league baseball player with the Yankees and the Mets as well as a baseball Scout for 10 years with the Chicago White Sox. In his spare time he teaches Martial arts seminars in Greece, Belgium, Israel, Puerto Rico and in the U.S. Police departments, some IDF soldiers, and Swat teams in the west coast of Puerto Rico.

Rico appears on a daily television show on Godís Learning Channel in Midland, Texas. The purpose of the ministry is to share the word of YHVH and to bring people to the observance of the Sabbath and biblical Feast Days to honor YHVH.

Darrell Estep

Darrell Estep lives in Port Orchard, Washington. A Sabbath keeper all his life he has worked with the General Council Churches of God 7th Day organization since its beginning in 1947, serving as President for several terms. Darrell has been a staunch leader and is currently Board Chairman for Beth El Messianic Congregation on the Puget Sound near Tacoma, Washington.

He states that since he began to actively promote the Sabbath, real blessings came into his life! Darrell has been a college professor most of his life, teaching engineering drawing and computer-aided design. Since retiring from active teaching, he and his wife have committed greater service to the Lord.

Darrell currently serves on The Bible Sabbath Association board of directors and is looking forward to Continuing his work with the BSA in promoting the Sabbath. Darrell and his wife Helen have five children who all love the Lord!

John Guffey

John Guffey is a retired USAF electronic engineering technician with most of his 47 years experience at Tinker AFB in Oklahoma City, OK. He served 2 and 1/2 years in Vietnam with MACV and the US Embassy prior to evacuation in 1975.

John has been observing the Sabbath since 1964. He worked with Richard Nickels for many years and is currently helping Earl Lewis and Giving and Sharing distribute Sabbath-keeping materials throughout the world. John has been a member of The Bible Sabbath Association and a subscriber to the Sabbath Sentinel magazine for many years. He will help BSA however he can.

He and his wife Mai live in the Oklahoma City area.

Dusti Howell

Dusti Howell is an associate professor at Emporia State University in Emporia, Kansas. He has a PhD major in educational technology and PhD minor in educational psychology.

Dusti is an independent Sabbath keeper and is enthusiastic about working with The Bible Sabbath Association and the possibility of serving on the Board of Directors. He had been very active in the Legacy Institute in Thailand and plans to take a sabbatical next year and return to Thailand to teach and spread the gospel. In addition to teaching in Thailand he has also taught in Sri Lanka and China.

Dusti and his wife are both Ambassador College graduates (1988 and 1987). They have three preteen children.

John Paul Howell

John Paul Howell has been a Christian for over 30 years and a Sabbath-keeper for the past 13 years. Although he grew up in a Sunday-keeping church, John Paul always had questions regarding the validity of the Fourth Commandment. While teaching a week long ĒBackyard Bible ClubĒ youth group about the Ten Commandments, the reality of the Fourth Commandment struck home. This caused him to begin the wonderful journey of proving to himself not only the validity of Godís Sabbath day, but also of gaining a better understanding of Godís wonderful plan for mankind.

Over the years John Paul has been active in churches he has attended, filling many roles such as teacher, song leader and speaker. He has been invited to speak by several Sabbath-keeping groups, each time using the opportunity to promote the Bible Sabbath Association.

John Paul is a life member of the BSA and has served eight years on the board of directors, holding the office of Secretary for the last 4 years. He firmly believes in the purpose of the BSA, to promote fellowship/ cooperation among all Sabbath-keepers on a non-denominational basis. John Paul is an Electrical Engineer specializing in software based telecommunications devices. He lives near Baltimore, Maryland, with his wife of 18 years and two children, aged 13 and 11.

Tom Justus

Tom Justus, a native of Northeast Arkansas, has been married to his wife Velma more than fifty years and they have raised 4 children.

Tom has been in the printing business most of his life. Tomís company, Just-Us Printers has printed The Sabbath Sentinel magazine along with many full color magazines. Tom was associated with the Worldwide Church of God from 1955 to 1978. He was ordained an elder, pastored churches, and set up and managed the Churchís printing press in California and in England which published The Plain Truth magazine and all church literature. In early 1978 he left the WCG and started the Church of God International congregation in Pasadena. He was on the CGI Ministerial Council for 17 years and responsible for printing and mailing Watch Magazine until his departure in 1995 In 1979 he moved back to Arkansas and started his own printing plant.

Tom is active in community services and is pastor of the Church of God, Sabbath Day in Springdale, Arkansas, where two Sabbath-keeping churches meet together. He has a booklet program reprinting old booklets for free distribution. His goal now is to help as many people as possible learn to evangelize in their own community. He currently serves on the BSA Board of Directors.

Earl Lewis

Earl Lewis lives north of Joplin, Missouri. He and his wife, Wanda have been married forty six years and have three children and nine grandchildren.

In 1967 the knowledge of the Seventh-day Sabbath came through personal study and Earl attended and became active in the Joplin Church of God, Seventh Day. He later moved to Stanberry, Missouri, attended Midwest Bible College, and several summer sessions of Summit School of Theology. Earl has served in a pastoral position for the Church of God, Seventh Day since 1974. He recently retired from the pastorate but continues to serve as an Elder and Board Member. He is outreach coordinator for the Joplin Ministerial Alliance and serves as a volunteer chaplain at the county detention center. He is director of SEED Missionary Aid Association and operates the Giving & Sharing Bookstore.

He actively spreads the SEED of Godís love and way of life through his work with SEED and Giving & Sharing ministries, through which he assists foreign workers with Bibles, Christian magazines and other literature. Earlís love and concern for people is exemplified by a willingness to serve others and be available to help them reach their full potential as Godís children, and his unselfish promotion of the Bible Sabbath Association. He currently serves on the BSA board.

June Narber

June Narber has been active on the BSA Board of Directors for 12 years and with The Sabbath Sentinel magazine for 10 (associate editing/writing). She is the chair of the BSA Scholarship Essay Program. She was called by God in her early teens to keep the Sabbath alone, apart from her family.

June holds a Masterís Degree in International Development from NC State University and a Bachelorís Degree (theology) from Ambassador College. She currently teaches ESL (English as Second Language) at two community colleges and through private lessons. She also does non-profit organization consulting; occasional technical writing projects and has been a traditional herbalist/natural healing consultant for over ten years.

June lives in the Raleigh, North Carolina area and attends the United Church of God. She is focused on promotion of the Sabbath truth. She is internationally and inter-culturally aware. June sees a great need to unite the church in learning how to love and serve each other, yet while living, working and functioning in the modern world.

Ken Ryland

Ken Ryland is the editor of The Sabbath Sentinel magazine and a Sabbath keeper of over 40 years. Ken lives in Kansas with his wife Patti where they regularly attend the Wichita South Seventh-day Adventist Church, and on occasion attend other local Sabbath-keeping congregations.

Ken first came to faith in 1965 while attending the University of Mississippi. Since completing a B.A. in Spanish and History at Ole Miss, Ken has graduated from Ambassador College and from Stephen F. Austin State University in Texas with a Masterís degree in Spanish. He moved to Pasadena, CA in 1972 to work for the Spanish Plain Truth magazine and was eventually made managing editor of that magazine. Ken also taught Spanish and American History at Ambassador College for several years.

Ken currently works for a large aerospace firm as a senior technical editor and has his own Web site at http://kvryland.tripod.com
He is a regular contributor to the Association for Christian Development Web site and ACD's New Millennium magazine.